Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seed starting time is approaching!

This will be my third attempt at starting seeds indoors.  I have had minimal success with this project, mainly because my shelving units are in my basement and  "out of sight ~ out of mind".  I did however purchase new self-watering trays that may help this time around.  I picked up the potting soil at a local nursery and have seeds that I saved from last years plants, as well as seeds I purchased through Swallowtail seeds.
 Many of the seeds that I purchased, are for attracting butterflies, which has become a passion of mine.  After rearing my first monarch last fall, I'd love to rear other types of butterflies too. Many of the seeds are for host plants for different butterflies:  parsley, dill, fennel, etc...  I also planted two Pawpaw trees last fall to attract the Zebra Swallowtail.  I've never seen this type of butterfly in person, so hopefully they will find my trees ~ that is, if they make it.  I received them in their dormant stage, so I have my fingers crossed.  The weather today was so beautiful ~ it actually made it up to 70 degrees today! I took a brief walk around my yard and found a few plants starting to break through the ground!  I'm hoping for an early spring ~ hope that groundhog was right!  Have a great weekend!


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