Monday, July 9, 2012

So many beautiful colors ~

The nice wet spring has led to many beautiful flowers in my garden, but lately the temperatures have been unbelievably HOT!  I finally had to break down and water my perennials.  I had been really lucky up to this point, thanks to Mother Nature.  I only had to worry about watering the flowers in my planters and flower pots.  The forcast looks better for this coming week, thank goodness. Here are just a few photos of some of the beautiful blooms in my gardens.
This Stargazer Lily is one of my favorites ~
my daughter actually had it tatooed (to my dismay) on her back.


Mix of Black-eyed Susans, Russian Sage, Yarrow, and Liatris,
 with a butterfly bush in the background.

acidantheras - Peacock lily

My first catelope of the season!


Second blooming of Shasta daisies

A type of poppy I think ~ it was from a bag of mixed wildflower seeds.

Yellow Daylily

Lantana ~ my favorite annual!

A spider atop a globe thistle ~ talk about long legs ~ eek!

This little one was trying to keep cool by the fountain!

Pi nk Coneflowers

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