Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blizzard 2010!!!

We survived the blizzard! School is still closed due to the side roads, sidewalks and bus stops. My son is loving it! I learned today that the snow is actually good for the gardens, keeping the temps at 32 degrees ~ definitely good news considering we got about 50". Even though I love the snow, I can't wait til spring gets here to get my hands dirty and be able relax on my patio, watching the birds and butterflies. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the little visitors from the inside! I love these little bird feeders ~ Gardenersupply.com!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland ~ 2010!

Spring seems so far away ~ especially after this weekends 23" snowfall! It really is quite beautiful! Being snowed~in isn't so bad, it's kind of a break from the normal daily routine. It also forces you to get some fresh air and productive exercise ~ and good sleep too from that exercise! Living in the woods really does provide some amazing scenery when it snows. Everywhere you look, the dull-drums of winter are given a fresh new look. The birds really seemed to enjoy the snow too. Lucky for them, I remembered to fill the feeders before it started. My daughter's kitten enjoyed watching the birds almost as much as I did.
I guess I'll have to pick up more birdseed before the next storm in two days. They are only calling for 2" - 7" for that storm luckily. We'll probably have piles of snow clear into July this year. I'm anxious to see how it effects my flowers in the spring. Last year I lost quite a few because the winter was so dry ~ not a chance of that this year! I'll start planting seeds indoors in about 5 weeks or so. I hope I have better luck w/ that this year than I had last year too. If anyone has any tips on seed starting ~ I'd love to hear them. I've read alot about it on-line and in books, but nothing beats tips from other gardeners.
Have a great week!

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